--- Figuring things out

I am trying to be more consitant on updating and working on this site but its hard to keep up on a project that seems forever endless.
To combat this feeling, I am cutting down on certain areas. Hopefully these parts will be added later but right now I am trying to be ok with things not being finished instantly. The indes is currently not connecting to the actual site that im working on that and thats on purpose. I want to be able to get a bit more done before people can find it but its kinda hard to create when there is no one watching. Anyway, my main focus right now is formating each section and catching up on bookshelf blogs. I've gotten a lot done this month and I'm pretty happy with it so far. I'm having fun.

    things done:
  • bookshelf fully formated
  • 3 areas removed
    to do:
  • shows writing
  • field notebook writing
  • kinlist
  • gallery sections
  • gizz basics


--- Website was created New Years days

The news log will be where major changes and updates about the site will be documented in some detail along with any other site related comments I have. For this updates, all major landing pages have been created. index, real, and bookshelf have all been worked on visually and content updates to most of bookshelf.

The plan is to make a site to document the many projects I start in attempt to encourage myself to actually finish these projects. The site is designed to be split into two sites to contain my ever growing King Gizzard fixations. I am a very poor writer and very beginner coder so I hope that in the creation of this site I will be forced to develop my writing and coding skills.

News logs will be as long or short as I want. most likely short :p

  • index and real visuals
  • first News log completed
  • first show of the year (1/6/2023) has been added to the show journal
  • Kin list is 10% complete