-ALL use he/they/it
-no doubles from series in list
-have to actually be familiar with content (no vibe kins)
-List is ranked from 100% to only kinda

3 AM
3 Jimmy McGill (Saul Goodman)
Shinji Ikari

idk i try not to think about this one too much im just trying to keep it simple, hes just like me fr

shinjis monologue at the end to eva is also super imporyany to the formation of my perception of self and how i think of the idea of kinning. if anyone wants to understand what kinning is on a more philosophical way i highly recommend you watch it -->

3 Patrick Bateman
4 HAL9000
5 Ice King
6 Nina/Alexander chimera
7 Metal fetishist
8 Keramon (or any kind of malware)
9 Large Concrete Structure
10 Deadlist Catch, the show
11 Mr. Game and Watch